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About the installation „ruimte-ik“

Before this installation, I had never really made or experimented with three-dimensional work. Induced by a strong urge to do so, I allowed myself to get sucked into the process of making. The process of creating the works went mostly intuitively with the exception of two works. I was inspired by the works of artists and sculptors I had researched and was led by material, form, texture and color.

The wooden crate with the title “fragile toxic masculinity” was a conceptual work, as was the work titled “what does your depression look like?” in which I used the prints of my depression diary. In this work I also incorporated jumpsuits that I designed. I wore one of them during the presentation.

About the abstract paintings

My abstract painting process usually exists without a concept.
Some of these works were a research on what the adaption of a male artist´s painting style, specifically, what the adaption of such a "masculine" painting style that dripping (ejaculating) paint onto a canvas meant if a female artist executed it. What it meant if a woman became caught up in the role of a macho. During the painting process, it became particularly interesting to not just take the liberty to paint in this style as a woman, but to enjoy it and to then make it my own.
While I had painted abstract paintings before, the questions that arose from experimenting in this style helped shape my current practice.

About the series of portraits

These big-scale painted portraits started off as a series that was informed by my interest in intersectional feminist topics and art history. Each painting measures 2 meter in height.

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